About Chris Curley

About Chris Curley

Chris Curley

Owner/ Retired Police Detective

Chris Curley began his professional career in law enforcement in 1991 when he joined the San Diego Police Department. Chris moved back to Arizona in 1992 began working with the Phoenix Police Department.

When the Phoenix Police department implemented an Internet Crimes Against Children detail in 2001, Chris applied and was accepted for one of the initial positions. Chris began conducting undercover investigations by posing as a minor online for the purpose of interacting with individuals who were attempting to meet real children in person. Chris also investigated sexual exploitation crimes against children. Chris excelled with the detail until 2014. Chris retired from the Phoenix Police Department in 2015 after 22 years of service.

In 2016 Chris started Triple Helix with the intent of assisting businesses in placing the right employee in the right position the first time. Chris accomplishes this by offering background and drug testing services and aptitude assessments. Chris also offers background services to property managers. Chris is able use to his prior knowledge and skills currently as a licensed and bonded private investigator to conduct workplace investigations.

Chris Curley graduated from Northern Arizona University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Career and Technical Education.

Just some of Chris’ accomplishments and achievements:

  • Trained as a National background screener for businesses and property managers.
  • Certified in the following drug testing services; DOT and non-DOT specimen collection, follicle and DNA collection and oral fluid collection.
  • Vendor for drug testing products (bulk sales).
  • Investigated both proactive and reactive cases, continuously modifying investigative skills to new technology.
  • Conducted thousands of interviews of victims, witnesses and suspects.
  • Identified, analyzed relevant evidence to obtain, and develop investigative plans.
  • Obtained and preserved key evidence, including electronic and testimonial evidence and drew objective conclusions supported by the outcome of his investigations.
  • Collaborated with legal, and other internal and external departments.
  • Testified in all levels of court.
  • Participated in continuous training through seminars and conferences throughout his career in an effort to apply new techniques to his investigations.
  • Member of the federal Cyber-crimes task force and obtained a governmental top secret clearance for over six years.
  • Traveled throughout the country assisting other law enforcement agencies and businesses in the apprehension of suspects where the crime originated.
  • Proposed modifications to existing and established new policies and procedures for the purpose of making the investigation process more efficient.
  • Wrote reports and follow up investigations on a daily basis. Created legal affidavits and search warrants on a routine basis and executed in the field.
  • Conducted surveillance of residences and businesses as part of investigations, using undercover techniques by portraying others on the Internet and in-person.
  • Taught other law enforcement officers in the field of Internet Crimes Against Children.
  • Provided insight to decision makers on the procurement of computer equipment and software to use in these investigations.
  • Received numerous commendations for investigation of Internet Crimes.
  • Proficient in both Microsoft and Apple operating systems along with Microsoft Office products.
  • Chris Curley also graduated from Northern Arizona University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Career and Technical Education.

The Triple Helix Mission

Supporting businesses and property managers to find the correct applicant for the position by offering exceptional, fast services and quality customer service.



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